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holy crap is it hot outside. Phone says it’s 92 and feels 97. I’m so glad for AC. 


Story time this morning. I got crummy sleep because while I wasn’t afraid my brain likes to think that I am. 

Any way I get up because I have to take boyfriend to work and roommate is yelling about darksouls. 

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alright I’m going to go lay down will be on skype/kik if you want something but also probs lurking

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the real question is can you guess the characters I like the least???


He has dealt with several days of his brother trying to talk to him - trying to sign at him, and Clint can’t figure out a way to deal with it that doesn’t include exploding, or running and hiding. 

She doesn’t talk. For him, right now, that is a relief. He doesn’t have to think about how to respond. It feels like something is missing, but he can deal with that. All he needs to do is just - exist. 

She seems to be pulling him upstairs, and so he tilts his head, raises his eyebrow. 

She knows better than to try and force him. She knew how bad it was last time, but they were married then and maybe she got more of the anger than she should have but it’s still the same right? 

So she rolls her eyes and tugs him towards the stairs again because it’s not like a sex thing, the timing is wrong for that, but he needs the dark or else his head is going to hurt more then it already is and he won’t take the pain killers even to sleep (which she understands she’s been there). 

You Me Lay down. Lights hurt head. Don’t have to sleep. 

Even if that is exactly her goal because the bags under his eyes are deep, but she’s probably the only one that is going to get him close enough to sleep for it to matter. 

Bobbi Clint Kate Bucky Steve Natasha

Oh man switch kate and bucky and actually you have like the top four and actually I wouldn’t consider natasha in the top ten oops. 

ok guess my top ten marvel it’ll surprise you except maybe for like the top like three



Clint wraps his arms around his midsection, as if he’s trying to hold himself together and can’t quite figure out how. He rubs his hand across the back of his neck, shuffles from foot to foot - god, he’s tired. 

He’s tired and he hasn’t signed a word, despite the doctors telling him, looking him straight in the eye and saying he’s not going to get his hearing back. 

He shudders out a breath. 

"Thank you." 

He looks so damned tired and like he hasn’t eaten anything substantial since the accident and gosh he hasn’t showered either but it was like the time they got stuck out in the jungle so she doesn’t really care too much. So order, prioritize. 

She flashes him a small smile and a nod as she wipes her face on her sleeve with a soft breath. 

Sleep first, food, and then maybe a bath. 

She grasps his hand carefully, tugging him to the stairs. She’ll curl up next to him, give him the soft rumbles of her breath and heart even if he can’t hear them. It worked last time and this time is different, she knows that, she can feel that, but something has to be done and he trusts her. He trusted her to fix it last time and so he’ll trust her to fix it this time too. 

After all he asked her to stay….right?